Monthly Archive: December 2017

Javascript redirection with post value (PHP)

fn_do_submit_post($url,$arr_post); function fn_do_submit_post($posting_url, $arr_post){ echo “<form action=’$posting_url’ method=’post’ name=’frm’>”; foreach ($arr_post as $a => $b){ echo “<input type=’hidden’ name='”.htmlentities($a).”‘ value='”.htmlentities($b).”‘>”; } echo “</form>”; echo “<script type=’text/javascript’>”; echo “document.frm.submit();”; echo “</script>”; }

Linux Looping Command Line

while (true); do date; ps -eaf | grep httpd | wc -l; sleep 1; echo -e “\e[3A\r”; done; So let me explain the code above So basically its looping a bunch of code ,...