Tmux Short Key

Session is a set of windows, plus a notion of which window is current.

Window is a single screen covered with panes. (Once might compare it to a ‘virtual desktop’ or a ‘space’.)

Pane is a rectangular part of a window that runs a specific command, e.g. a shell.


Ctrl-b then [ then you can use your normal navigation keys to scroll around (eg. Up Arrow or PgDn). Press q to quit scroll mode.

OR you can use

CTRL-b then hold on ALT with the arrow button to resize the pane (Act fast , it has very very small interval only)

Create new workplace

ctrl-b + shift + " - start a new workplace up and down

ctrl-b + shift + % - start a new workplace left and right

ctrl-b + z -maximize your current pane move other to background

Rename window & Session

ctrl-b + $ - Rename Session
ctrl-b + , - Rename Pane

Reorder Pane & window

Reorder pane
Step 1 :ctrl-b + :
Step 2 : swap-pane -s [source-pane] -t [destination pane] EX:swap-pane -s 0 -t 1

Reorder window
Step 1 :ctrl-b + :
Step 2 : swap-window -s [source-pane] -t [destination pane] EX:swap-pane -s 0 -t 1

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